Rieg is an Electronic Musician, Composer, Player and Live Performer, Producer and Record Artist

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Rieg is a Musician, Composer, Player and Live Performer, a Producer and Record Artist in the Ambient, Electronic, New Age and Space Music genre. He started his musical career in 1979 in those early underground "old school" days of todays electronic music. In these years Rieg issued 3 cassette tapes ("Source", "Music for Wind" & "Voices"). The two last of the early cassettes was later re-issued in 1998, as CD's from the original master tapes. Much later the CD " Return" was released in 2008. Rieg's latests CD " The Absynth Ritual" was released December 2010.

His first synth was bought in 1979 (Roland SH-1). Later, in 1980 the next synth was bought (Roland Sh-7) and a digital sequencer (Roland SQ-100). For some years Rieg was inactive, but kept his gear, until he decided to go on again in 2006. Rieg are now using up to 8 hardware synths and a full size piano. The finished compositions are writtten entirely using musical notations (Sibelius), but the composing process is done by using a combination of both musical notations and the keyboards until a project is finished

Rieg is also a sound designer and designs most of the characteristic voices/choral sounds often heard in his latest music. His studio are now capable of doing pristine 16, 24 and 32 bit recordings in stereo surround sound 5.1 / 7.1. Of course this is more than good enough studio equipment for mastering CD's with 100% CD sound quality.

"If you like electronic music or electronica listen to Absynth Ritual at www.riegmusic.com; I'm totally mellowed out now."
Angelo Bell – Film Producer - Hollywood, USA - www.angelobell.com

The "Absynth" name is derrived from "Absinth", an alcholic drink. Some of the artists, authors and art painters around a century ago, -"the bohemians" consumed a lot of their favourite drink at the time; "Absinth" (which still can be bought in some contries). It was believed that long time use of "Absinth" could lead to excentrism and madness. The "Absynth" tune starts out quietly (as from a harmonic and peaceful soul), but ends up more wild (as from a soul affected by long time use of "Absinth"). Enjoy.

“Rieg’s music is an evocative blend of light, sound, color and emotion that takes you on a magical musical journey through time and space.”
pj johnson – Yukon Poet Laureate – Whitehorse, Canada.


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"The Return album is not simply electronic music, but more like an aurora borealis of musical tone colors and synthetic tones colors, filled with warmth, emotion and spine tingling bursts of kinetic energy."
Archie Patterson - Eurock Magazine , Portland, Oregon, USA - www.eurock.com

The player to the left contains 12 excerpts from the CD's Return (above/right) and The Absynth Ritual.

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Rieg playing at the Rallaren Performance - 2009

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Latest News:

April 4. 2013

Rieg is interviewed in issue #10 of the worlds hottest Urban Pop culture publication, the Wave

The WAVE Entertainment is an upscale urban pop culture entertainment publication that brings you the best in urban music from around the world, new artist, dining, politics, travel and lifestyle and so much more.

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July 1. 2012

Rieg's track "Daughters of Doom" from the "The Absynth Ritual" album voted as no. 2 in in the Listeners Top Ten list at the radio station Astreaux World, for Ambient, NewAge, Spacemusic & Electronica music. List: Diatonis, Rieg, Andy Pickford, Stray Theories, Ray Lynch, Synth.NL, Koan, Keith Driskill, Jonn Serrie, Jesse Stern.

June 7. 2012

Rieg's two latest albums "The Absynth Ritual" and "Return", Will soon be available as free downloads under the Creative Commons License. Rieg's older music will also be made freely available as time permits.

March 20. 2012

Among other musicians, Rieg was invited in 2011 to participate with his music, -by the Spanish film producer, Rubén Lijó. The cooperation project was about Lijó's (then) planned, scientific documentary film project; Del Mito la Razón (From Myth to Reason). To the right is the trailer for that project. The whole documentary is 1 hour 21 minutes long and can bee seen by;

clicking here...

(Streamed with permission)

January 31. 2012

Today, Rieg deleted his facebook account as a protest against fb's in general bad privacy policy and their mis-use of private user data. Enough is enough, no more facebook, -at least for the time being. This will probably be at a cost. However Rieg's largest friend & fan base continues to grow fast on twitter where Rieg to date is followed by over 11,000 twitter users. Needless to say facebook was never that important.

December 22. 2011

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December 19. 2010

Rieg's CD "The Absynth Ritual" now available as both physical CD's and mp3 downloads. Read all...

August 05. 2010

Rieg's CD "Return" now available as both physical CD's and mp3 downloads. Read all...

Hear Rieg at, -and support:
Astreaux World Radio Station.
Internet's finest 24/7/366
Radio Station for Ambient, New Age, Electronic and Space Music.

Below: "The Absynth Ritual"
By Rieg

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Below: "Rieg's Studio"
w/ "Daughters of Doom" (excerpt)
By Rieg

Below: "Dreamstate"
By Rieg

This track is available as a free download in high quality,
256Kb/s mp3 format, by signing up to Rieg's E-Mail List.

Below: "Awakening"
By Rieg

This track is available as a free download in high quality,
256Kb/s mp3 format, by signing up to Rieg's E-Mail List.

I have world-class musician buddies, which makes me a lucky guy and as a previous co-owner of a laser entertainment company, I believe I am in a unique position to critique your work. Kudos! As a composer since 1971, the year Bob Moog demonstrated his invention for our 7th grade class, I am warmed & exhilarated by all I see & here on & through your site. The synergy, the aural palette, the visual transitions & compositions in general, both visual & musical; this is a world I'd like to visit.
D. reX Downham, USA

Klaus Schulze, Rieg and Lisa Gerrard - Warzaw 2008
Disco Radio Action and Rieg Exclusive Logo

Klaus Schulze, Rieg and Lisa Gerrard - Warzaw 2008

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